Nevaeh Blue (n3vaeh) wrote in narcissistick,
Nevaeh Blue


I'm new to this community, so I wanted say say hello to everyone and post a couple of pictures.

(Pictures are work-safe)

Photographer: Violet lo5t

Photographer: Eric Muss-Barnes
Models: Nevaeh, Venus, Vivisect
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August 14 2005, 00:56:01 UTC 11 years ago

wow!!! how you doin ? ;p
Not too bad. You?
better now :p

haha i like you in the pink uber-hot
On a black pole sadly and darkly
Gray-haired ravens in darkness silently sleep
Their wings wet cosy rustle
Their dreams cool stick together at cinema

Has fallen asleep the sea has sealed inside
Bodies transparent invisible walruses
Hard tapes of fishes and bubbles of hedgehogs
And simply air empty bubbles

Salty ice on cooling down lips
Words the last breaks half-and-half
The heavy wind understands on lips
And the sense hides in infinite sleeves

I see the sleepy shaggy person
Also I learn its hateful features
In fact it I am looked in myself from darkness
Needle sliding through a crystal egg

On the black globe dense silence
Mute dreams creep on streets in houses
Crude fingers final winter
Caresss the globe as if the true wife