Nevaeh Blue (n3vaeh) wrote in narcissistick,
Nevaeh Blue

The Flyer for the event:
Photographer: Eric Muss-Barnes
Airbrushing: Rygar
Models: Me (back) and Vivisect

Before the fashion show started, taking pictures with bradical7 and others.
Makeup by me, except for the black light re-active pink, added by Melodie Gore.

Waiting backstage for all of the models to walk so I could get airbrushed...

Onstage being airbrushed by Gear a.k.a Rygar. The finished product was a cyber-tribal-ish design with black paint and blacklight re-active pink (in front) and orange (in back), it's hard to see the paint re-acting to the blacklights in these photos since they were taken with a flash.

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